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7 Pin RV, Trailer, and Camper, Electrical Connector Made Easy!

The RV7 Pro Plug is compatible with the 12 volt RV style 7 pin connector system currently used in the automotive and RV industries so it is perfect for new installations as well as system upgrades, replacements, and repairs. Pro Plug is the only surface mountable connector system that eliminates the need for cutting a 2" mounting hole, a 4" mounting depth, and includes the additional features of self testing, easy serviceability, inherent corrosion resistance, and simple wiring connection access. The Pro Plug connector system can be installed rapidly and in most cases without drilling holes in the vehicle’s mounting surface. High quality wire terminals are easily accessed for initial installation or service and connecting to them can be performed after the connector system has been mounted to the vehicle by simply removing a cover. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), are incorporated into the connector system to provide visual indication of the electrical signals from the towing vehicle. See how versatile Pro Plug is by clicking on "Common Applications" on the "INSTALLATION" page. New optional mounting bracket systems are available to work for more connector installations. Check them out on "OPTIONS" page. We are proud to say the Pro Plug connector and it's accessories are Made in USA.

Available Now! 7-Way to 7-Way Coiled Cords, A must have for winter trailer users. Click the "OPTIONS" Tab.

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